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Here you can find your own special space,
a salon where you will be freed from your everyday life full of constraints or
"what-you-should-be"s at Ebisu, Tokyo.

Cross dressing as female/male, cosplaying,
passing as opposite gender...
going beyond such labeling,
with our unique high quality
transformation technique,
we will grant your inner wishes!

We have welcomed many guests
from all around the globe.

Each and every one has her/his own

・those wishing release from current gender
・those enjoying transformation like a fashion
・those who want to experience transformations after seeing a TV
・those who want to find out who they really are

As a salon where we offer relaxation personalized to our customers, and not doing one and the same thing for everyone, we endeavor to provide the best-of-the-best service.
Please feel free to make requests.

It is our pleasure to empathize and be supportive to all our guests!!

We look forward to your visit.

A private salon in a completely private room
dedicated to the protection of privacy

Introduction Image

Our salon is reservation-only and accept only one set of customer(s) at a time.

Even within the apartment where our salon is located we take care of the flow of our guests so as to avoid seeing each other on entry/exit of the building.

We also handle photos of our guests with uttermost care,

and make sure that we do not retain the data of those who do not want their photos publicized.

This is a salon where high standard of confidentiality is guaranteed, so come visit us without unnecessary concerns!!

Transformation menu

Male to female ・ Female to male ・ transformation hair and makeup

You can transform to yourself as you have dreamed!!

ZOOM's basic plan!!

Male to female・ female to male cross dressing・ transformation hair and makeup course

Counseling Transformation Makeup & Hair Styling Costume & Wig Rental Camera Photoshoot (Full Data Provided) Self-Photography Makeup Removal
2 hours ~
OK to come here empty-handed!! You can experience ZOOM's transformation hair and makeup with authentic photo session in less than 2 hours.

You can use any wigs or wears without extra charge. You are welcome to bring your own items too. No extra charges for changing of clothing, wigs, background, or outing if it is within the time limit.

The time which you can use at your disposal is 30 minutes for a 2 hour course.

If you want to try different outfits, go out, enjoy transformation with a relaxed pace, we recommend you to extend the time.

(Examples ofspending extended time)

Go home with your transformed hair and makeup on!! Enjoy your very own complete passing time!!

Course with only transformation hair and makeup

Counseling Transformation Makeup & Hair Styling Self-Photography
Duration about 1 hour
 A course where you get ZOOM's transformation hair and makeup and going home wearing the clothing and the wig of your choice.
Fit for attending an event or a long time outing.

On arrival at the salon, you change to the clothing you bring here and we'll do the hair and makeup.

Please bring here your wig, clothing, shoes and other necessary items. 【Lending items for free available (with restrictions)】

We do not take the makeup or take photos in this course. Staffs do not accompany you for outing.

Save more and enjoy with a transformation hair and make for two persons!!

Double transformation course

Counseling Transformation Makeup & Hair Styling Costume & Wig Rental Camera Photoshoot (Full Data Provided) Self-Photography Makeup Removal
2 hours 30 minutes ~
For friends and couples!! Reasonable plan with 8000JPY off!!
 Regular price 58000JPY → 50000JPY!!!

The 2 changists will each do the transformation hair and makeup for you two. You can enjoy the special transformation which is possible only for you two.

This is a reasonable course where you can enjoy original transformation such as gender inversion, matching outfits, transformation with a common concept, or each having different vibes, etc.

No need to be here!! A comfortable plan for enjoying transformation hair and makeup and photo session at a place of your choice!!

In-home/on-site/mobile! Transformation hair and makeup course

Counseling Transformation Makeup & Hair Styling Costume & Wig Rental Camera Photoshoot (Full Data Provided) Self-Photography Makeup Removal
2 hour course 30000JPY
+ transportation fee

hair and makeup only 24000JPY
+ transportation fee

 Whether you are at home or staying in a hotel, the changist will pay you a visit!!

Tell us your preference and we will bring you the wigs and clothing. You can of course wear clothing and/or wigs you already have.

Doing outdoor photo session is possible, but if it takes time to get to the destination, you are advised to ask for time extension.

Contact us for more information.

Plan to e joy the extra ordinary with focus on outing!!

6 hour outing enjoyment course

Counseling Transformation Makeup & Hair Styling Costume & Wig Rental Camera Photoshoot (Full Data Provided) Self-Photography Makeup Removal
6 hours ~
 Enjoying the outing with ZOOM's transformation hair and makeup to pass completely!! Reasonable course which saves more than 20000JPY compared to regular 6 hour course!!

You can enjoy an extra ordinary outing experience like having photo sessions at locations with great view, or visiting sightseeing spots!!

※Indoor photo sessions and disposal time as seen in ordinary courses are not included in this course

special plan as if granting all your wishes!!

Full-day reserved VIP course

Counseling Transformation Makeup & Hair Styling Costume & Wig Rental Camera Photoshoot (Full Data Provided) Self-Photography Makeup Removal
9 hours 30 minutes ~
+ transportation fee

  This is a course where you can use all of the salon for a full day, and saving more than 10000JPY! Let's spend a lovely day with granting your wishes for 9 hours and half!!

Tell us whatever you want to do like going out, outdoor photo session, session with various outfit and makeup!!

Through the counselling, we will propose you your very own original transformation plan!!

Contact us for more information.

Special costumes

Transform into a bride of utmost beauty with a wedding dress of your dream!!

Wedding dress course

Counseling Transformation Makeup & Hair Styling Costume & Wig Rental Camera Photoshoot (Full Data Provided) Self-Photography Makeup Removal
3 hours ~
 You can enjoy 3 types of photo session (ceremony, wedding reception, wedding afterparty) by change your hairstyle and accessories!!

A special moment where you can enjoy the feelings of a real bride!! And perhaps in the future, you may meet your ..... groom!?

We have wide range of measurements for your wedding dress.

You can wear 1 type of dress. If you want to wear more, we recommend you to extend your time.

A new sensation!! Arranging a furisode to look like a gorgeous wedding dress!!

Kimono princess dress course

Counseling Transformation Makeup & Hair Styling Costume & Wig Rental Camera Photoshoot (Full Data Provided) Self-Photography Makeup Removal
2 hours 30 minutes ~
 Based on the arranged dress style which our professional kimono dresser created especially for ZOOM,
we offer you your very own original dress style which employs the gorgeousness of furisode at it's most.

Transform into a traditional Japanese beauty with an authentic dressing by a professional kimono dresser!!

Authentic kimono course

Counseling Transformation Makeup & Hair Styling Costume & Wig Rental Camera Photoshoot (Full Data Provided) Self-Photography Makeup Removal
2hours 30 minutes ~
(kimono with long, trailing sleeves)

Komon houmongi
(semi-formal Kimono)

(formal divided skirt)

 Luxurious furisode, popular wear for graduation season hakama, and even houmongi and komon!!

You can experience traditional Japanese costumes in which you will be beautifully dressed fit for your figure by a professional dresser.

Other courses

For dating and matchmaking parties!! Plastic surgery-like makeup to bring out your charm as you've never seen before!!

Every day hair and makeup course for both genders

Counseling Transformation Makeup & Hair Styling Self-Photography
bout 1 hour duration
10000 JPY
 This is not about becoming a different person, but a hair and makeup course to meet yourself like you have never seen before!!

A reasonable plan full of everyday makeup, lucky makeup, hair styling, how to be photographed, etc., and other lifehacks!!

We will give comprehensible lessons to those who want to transform by doing makeup on their own or those who never had done makeups!!

Makeup lesson course

Counseling Lesson( Transformation Makeup & Hair Styling) Self-Photography Makeup Removal
2 hours ~
 Male to female, female to male, transformations, every day makeup for both genders, any lesson is possible!! This is your own original lesson to become what you have dreamt to be by doing the makeup by yourself!!

Please bring your own makeup tools. In case you do not own the tools, we may provide guides or sell them on spot. Contact us for further details.


Extension time

(6000 JPY per 30 min.)

Within a 2 hour course, you will have only about 30 minutes at your disposal with the rest of the time spent on makeup and changing. We recommend extending the time for those who want to try more outfits, go out, or spend the time changing more relaxed. We've proposed in detail how to spend your extended time in "ZOOM's recommendations for using the extended time plan" .Please check it out when making reservations. All courses of ZOOM can be extended.


(1000 JPY)

For those of you who want even the tips of fingers transformed beautifully. We at ZOOM are using mainly stickers for nails. You do not have to worry about the time required for drying nail polish or taking them off. We also provide nail polish if you prefer.

Professional photographer course

(from 10000 JPY per hour)

A professional photographer experienced in taking shots of models and celebrities will take your pics with authentic techniques. You can choose 5 pics which the photographer will retouch to heighten its' quality. All the photo data will be sent to you at a later date. ※Due to the scheduling of the photographer, we do not accept on-the-day reservations. Please contact us beforehand.

Wigs for sale

(from 12000 JPY)

We have high quality wigs which look natural even worn outdoors. Please contact us in advance as they may be out of stock.


Salon's terms & conditions ・ payments

☆Our salon is reservations only. You will not be provided our service whiteout reservations. Please book in advance. For privacy protection, please make sure to arrive here precisely on time.

☆We accept cash only. Please be warned that you cannot use credit cards or any other form of mobile payment.

☆You may be required to pay cancellation fees if the reservation day is nearing.

☆We will never upload your photos without your permission. Feel safe to visit us.

☆※No knowledge of Japanese is required. There are ways to communicate including the use of Google's translation, so you don't have to worry.

Going to the salon from Ebisu station

Going to the salon from Ebisu station.

On seeing the KIOSK on your left side, proceed to the right.

Take the street where there is 【Tokyo Metro Hibiya line exit 1】on your left and Statue of Ebisu on your right.

Go to the pedestrian crossing where you see a state lottery on your left and a police station on your right. Cross towards the SoftBank office.

From Tokyo Metro ・ Hibiya line exit 2

From the exit, go straight and turn left on seeing SoftBank office.

The landmarks are the super market "Peacock" on your left, and the drugstore "Cocokarafine" on your right. Proceed forward.

Going forward, you will be at a 5-way junction. Cross the road and advance forward.

Proceed further on.

Turn right at the corner where you see the office of Sagawa Express.

You will see a rail track at the end of the alley. Half way to it, you will see the entrance to the apartment on your left.

To reach us, press the keys 4,0,7 and the button written "呼出"("call" button) of the intercom. We will open the door, and take the elevator to the 4th floor. You will see our salon on your right side after getting off the elevator.

Service procedures

Arrival at the salon
A room in an apartment is used as our salon. Call us at room #407 using the intercom, and we will unlock the door. You can proceed using the elevator.
Tell us how you image the transformation to be. Feel free to tell us what kind of transformation you wish and how you want to spend time. After confirming your requirements, we will aim to approach what you want and more.
Selecting the outfit
We have around 1000 wear of various sort at our disposal. If you are having difficulty choosing the wear, we the changists will advise you the outfit based on your imaging.
Starting the makeup after dressing
Enjoy the process of watching how you change. If you changed your mind on your plans while doing the makeup, or you want to hear the explanation of the makeup, we will be flexible to meet your demands. Feel free to ask even if it's during the makeup.
Makeup completed! Starting the session(disposal time)
Transformation is completed with putting on the wig. Taking shots in variety of styles. You can spend your disposal time as you wish. Whether it's a photo session, going out, or trying more outfits, feel free to ask.
Session(disposal time) over! Changing back and taking off makeup
The changist will take off the makeup thoroughly when the session is finished. You can also go home with your makeup on if you wish. The transformation experience is completed when you change back and photo files are handed to you. Thank you for your visit!

Frequently asked questions